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 Blue Mind
Yoga & Sound Healing

Deep dive into your Blue Mind with Yoga & mesmerising Sound Healing by Valli Maine

Join us to celebrate the wellness benefits of time spent near, in, on and under the ocean.


Ocean Flow & Sound Healing

Ocean Flow : Moving to the rhythm of the waves and drifting and still.

A slow flow style yoga class that brings in appreciation of the ocean and our connection to it all. Suitable for beginners to experienced yogi's 

Valli Maine's Mermaid like voice and singing bowls will follow this fluid flow class with a soul cleansing call to the ocean evoking its healing benefits.

When : Sunday, May 5th, 2024

Time : 9:00am -10:00am

Where : Port Melbourne Yacht Club


Saltwater Yin

Saltwater Yin: A tranquil sequence that enhances and expands your connection to the water while focusing on the breath. Suitable for beginners to experienced yogi's.

Valli Maine will follow this restorative style yoga with vibrational healing tones bringing your physical and energetic body back into a state of harmony.

When : Sunday, May 5th, 2024

Time : 10:30am - 11:30am

Where : Port Melbourne Yacht Club


Valli Maine : Sound Healer

Valli Maine grew up in a musical household in Strathfieldsaye, Central Victoria. Blessed with a musician as her mother, who loved to sing and was passionate about fostering creativity in children. A trait passed on to her by her own beautiful mother.

Valli spent her days singing, painting, playing in dirt and running around in the bush. She often fell asleep on the ground with her dogs and couldn’t understand why the kennel was not an acceptable place for her to sleep. She always had a deep love and appreciation of animals and nature, spending a lot of time making up songs to sing to the plants in the garden. She also sang to the stars and the clouds because she’s pretty non-descriminatory like that.

Sound healing is vibrational healing with tones penetrating every part of the body, unrestricted by physical barriers.

It moves freely throughout the body releasing and re-tuning anything that may be out of balance, bringing your physical and energetic bodies back into a state of harmony. Valli uses crystal singing bowls in conjunction with vocal toning which is something that comes to her naturally.

The tones and songs are channeled, each session unique and specific to the individual or group. People often share with her after that the songs felt familiar and touched their soul in such a deep way, like a comforting hug from home reminding them of who they are.

Valli has 7 years experience working with clients in this field and is a practitioner and teacher of ThetaHealing®.

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